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The Whova participant guide is available here.

Can I familiarize myself with the app before the event?
Yes! The event is already available in the event platform. See next steps on how you can access it. 

How can we access the event platform?
Once you have registered, you will receive an email from Whova with instructions for logging into the site https://whova.com/portal/webapp/wac_202105/
Click “Sign up here” if you don’t have an account yet and fill in your email and password. Make sure to use the email address you used when registering for the event. When logging in, you will automatically be taken to the WAC Virtual Meeting main page.
Then Edit your profile. Other attendees will use this to network with you if you choose to be included in the attendee list.

How can we view the sessions?
1. Find the agenda tab on the side of the screen. You should see a list of sessions for that day. Please note that all sessions can be viewed by clicking on each of them in the Agenda. At the end of each session you will need to go back to the Agenda and click on the next session you wish to attend. As the talks and discussions are organized in separate sessions and not in a one-day long livestream, it allows you to put together your own personal program.
2 You can move through different days by selecting the date you want to view on the calendar at the top of the agenda.
3 Browse or search for sessions on the top bar.
4 Once you find the session you want to access, click on it.
5 If the session is live, it will begin playing immediately upon entering. Otherwise, a message will indicate the scheduled start time.
6 If the session hasn’t taken place yet, you can click “Add to My Agenda” to put the session on your own personal agenda.


How can we ask questions to the speakers?
1. You can access three tabs on the right side of the virtual session: Session Q&A, Chat, and Community. You can submit questions for the speakers through Session Q&A.
2. Speakers will respond to questions at the end of their session in the scheduled discussion time.


Who else is attending? How can we virtually meet them?
1. When you sign in for the first time, you will be asked: “Would you like to network with other attendees by listing yourself in the attendee list?”
a. If you answer yes – you will be able to view the Attendees tab and will be included in the attendees list.
b. If you answer no – you will not be able to view the Attendees tab and will not be included in the attendees list.
2. To view other attendees: Click the “Attendees” tab on the left side of the screen under “Main Navigation”.
3. At the top of the page, you can search attendees by keywords such as company, name, or title.
4. To start a conversation, click “Send Message” to begin a chat.


Are there ePosters?
Definitely! The ePosters can only be consulted through the Web app and not the mobile app.